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August 2, 3 & 4


9:30 am – 3:30 pm (with 1 hour for lunch)

The workshop is at my studio in Chicago and will have a maximum of 6 working artists. Artists will receive a materials list after payment is received.


Morning field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago or the Museum of Contemporary Art with Ken as your guide. We may even do lunch (not included in pricing).

Saturday August 5


  • $250  3-day session
  • $20    Museum Option

For more information contact me at or call 773-283-8791.

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I created an art bench for a public exhibit in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin that was placed outdoors in mid-May. It was auctioned off in mid-September.

My bench focused on the landmark Michigan Street Bridge which spans the bay. The project was a huge artistic and financial success for the city of Sturgeon Bay. I enjoyed working on the bench and having it displayed near the bridge it represents.

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In conjunction with the bench project, I created artwork for a light pole banner display in and around the city of Sturgeon Bay.

Again, my subject was the Michigan Street Bridge. I submitted the artwork on canvas which was then digitally transferred onto banners. I had two banners of the same image placed in the city during the spring and summer.

An art judging of all banners took place and my banner was awarded third place. The original canvas was sold through a raffle process.

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During the summer of 2015, the town of Sister bay, Wisconsin held a city-wide public art exhibit. Artists were invited to create artwork on plywood made into the shape of goats. The goat artwork was displayed all around the town in conjunction with the August arts festival.

The goat is a symbol made famous by the goats at Al Johnson’s restaurant in downtown Sister Bay. You can often see them atop Johnson’s feeding on the natural grass roof of the restaurant.

My goat showed two famous artists, one on each side. I call the works “Pablo Pi-goat-so” and “Vincent Van Goat”. I had a great time putting together this decorative piece. A public auction took place in August 2015 with the proceeds going to support the arts programs of Sister Bay.

For more information, visit

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During the summer of 2015, I was commissioned to create a cartoon for billboard display celebrating the 50th and 75th anniversaries of the Nadig Newspapers.

The cartoon was placed on a Jefferson Park billboard in July and an Edgebrook billboard in August. I received many comments from friends and the public about the billboard cartoon.

This is the biggest cartoon I ever made!

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I had a two month exhibit of my art in the lobby of Presidential Towers, an apartment / condominium complex located in downtown Chicago. An opening took place on May 14, 2015. I enjoyed the interesting comments I received about the work.

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Ken Klopack - Paintings and Drawings

My exhibit ran through June and July 2014. I enjoyed the opening and opportunity to exhibit in Door County once again. A big thank you to Helsinki owner Chris Cote.

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I participated in this public art installation which began in September 2013. My oversized hydrant replica, "Honoring Our Heroes," was sponsored by Lion International. I joined 100 other artists in this outdoor exhibition which was displayed citywide. My hydrant stood in front of the fire station on Columbus Drive in downtown Chicago.

A live public auction of 25 hydrants took place on December 4, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. The online auction took place December 5 - December 8 with all proceeds from both auctions going to the 100 Club of Chicago.

This was a special project for me because my son, an artist in his own right, Ken R. ( also decorated a hydrant sponsored by the musical group, Fall Out Boy. We both had our hydrants at the live auction at the Hyatt.

To see more hydrants and other information on this event, go to

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Celebrating 50 Years - Village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

I participated in the public exhibition in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin called Eggstravaganza. I was chosen to be one of 50 artists to transform a large polystyrene egg into a publicly displayed artwork.

The egg auction took place August 23, 2014 in downtown Egg Harbor. It was an outstanding success for the artists as well as for the town of Egg Harbor.

The city of Egg Harbor will repeat ART EGGSTRAVAGANZA in 2016!! I’m looking forward to creating another artistic egg for the outdoor exhibition.

For more information about this event, go to

Rauner's Rhetoric Backfires


2017 marks my 39th year creating political cartoons in Chicago. That's close to 2000 cartoons since 1978! I am planning to have an exhibit highlighting some of my favorites sometime in the near future.


During the Chitown Jazz Festival, March 12-22, 2013, I enjoyed jazz-singing sensation Tammy McCann with John Pauluch's Reunion Jazz Orchestra at Andy's Jazz Club in downtown Chicago. It was a benefit to support hunger relief in Chicago. I often create on-the-spot drawings during performances, and was captured doing so by photographer, Harvey Tillis. Check out

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I have authored a number of articles for Arts & Activities and SchoolArts Magazines.

To learn and see more, go to and

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In 2007, I participated in the public art display for the city of Chicago, called COOL GLOBES: HOT IDEAS FOR A COOLER PLANET. Artists developed visual ideas for large fiberglass globes, five feet in diameter, that would focus on specific issues that deal with the environment.

My globe, “Intelligent Earth”, depicts the oceans of the earth as a brain. The continents of the earth display environmental programs and projects that can and will provide solutions to our global problems.

We must use our BRAINS, our INTELLIGENCE, as a problem-solving force to remedy the environmental issues that face our home, the earth. We must respect and cherish our planet by inhabiting it intelligently.

After several months of preparation and work, my globe was put on display in the small park in front of Navy Pier on Chicago’s lakefront. At the end of the summer, many globes were auctioned off. My globe now resides on permanent loan from the City of Chicago to the Chicago Public School, Jackson Language Academy. 

During that spring and summer, I also worked with middle grade students at Finkl Community Academy, a Chicago Public School, on similar ideas to help create a globe of their own. Finkl’s team of artists were awarded the Grand Prize in a competition of Chicagoland schools for their papier mache rendition of the global issue: Feeding the peoples of the World in an environmentally responsible way.