brazilian hair

The painter, the true painter, will be one who can reveal the epic side of  present - day life, who can use paint or draw lines to make us see and grasp how great we are and how poetic...

      —Charles Baudelaire

My work provides glimpses of greatness in the people I portray. My art creates visually poetic slices of everyday life. I draw these bits of life from my experiences living in Chicago and the Midwest. The substantive nature of my characters comes from the interactions that make up the human circles of life. All people live, work and play in a personal framework, a circle of human sorts, sometimes struggling within those circles, at times flowing comfortably, or a combination of both.

I observe these circles as they connect, intertwine, and grow. I find these actions fascinating no matter how ordinary or trivial they seem to be. Building a narrative from these ideas into an original visual statement is a task that fulfills me as an artist.

I enjoy the challenge of this process, turning common players into heroes, depicting them in my world in a beautiful way, amplifying their significance, pride, courage, and human sensitivities.

My art has stylistic inventions in composition and form developed over the last 45 years that is uniquely my own. I have been influenced by the Regionalists such as Benton, Marsh, Motley and Bellows. Painting techniques and composition from that school of artists are definitive factors as I create my work.

Setting an atmosphere for the players on the canvas is a process I build into a “ visual puzzle of views ” that the observer must solve. However, I prefer the observer to decipher my view in a personal rather than objective manner. The narrative I create in my work allows the observer this freedom. The viewer relates his or her own personal experiences with what is happening in the work, which ties them emotionally and psychologically to the character(s), setting, or human situation(s). When one observes my work, I would like one to gain skills in perception and seeing things not noticed before about our daily existence. Being more astute and sensitive about what transpires day to day is lacking in human circles.  It is a discipline necessary for real human development and civilized life.

Edgar Degas said it simply,

One has only to look - I have invented nothing!

It is all there. My work challenges the viewer to see, to understand, to relate my visual narratives to one's own personal life experiences.

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