Ken has been a teacher and educator almost all his life. “It started when I was about 15 and went to work at the Boys Club in our neighborhood.” Ken has taught for over 45 years at all levels. Ken has received recognition for his teaching and continues to make a difference mentoring, consulting and instructing people of all ages.

Presently, Ken is a visual arts and gifted consultant for Chicago Public Schools. He is also a student teacher supervisor for Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Ken has taught painting at the Peninsula Art School, Fish Creek, Wisconsin and the Clearing, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. Presently, Ken’s “An Acrylic Experience” workshops for adults and young artists take place at his home studio in Chicago (See NEWS AND EVENTS for dates and times). In 2015, a workshop was added in Waupaca, Wisconsin at the home studio of well-known folk artist, Sue Martin.

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During the spring semester of 2015, I assembled a group of 25 students to create a twenty four foot mural entitled "A 21st Century Look at the Colombian Exhibition of 1893".

We gathered information and looked through historical data about the Exposition before we began sketches for the mural. My son, Ken R. Klopack (, a professional muralist and artist joined in and added his expertise to all phases of the project.

When the sketches were completed, images were transferred onto the six 4 by 4 primed panels. Working on a weekly basis, our group progressed from the sketch phase to completed visuals using acrylic paints and acrylic latex enamels.

Students were also taken on a walking tour of neighborhood murals to experience the varying styles of other mural artists. Finishing touches were made at the end of the school year. The panels were assembled on a wall of the school facing the playground in July 2015. This was a great team experience for all of us.



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Students work to decorate the large planters of Belding Elementary.

In the spring/summer of 2013, my Art Club students and I decorated the planters placed in front of Belding Elementary School, a Chicago public school. We began by gathering dozens of art ideas and design sketches from students throughout the school. Final ideas were then selected that would be used on the planters. Art Club members prepared the planter surfaces and the selected sketches were transferred onto the planters. Students worked through the spring and early summer to complete the project. A protective coating was then applied on the artworks in the summer. Approximately 25 students participated in creating these wonderful artworks.

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Belding Elementary Mural Project 2011
In 2011, my Art Club at Belding along with other student artists completed a 17 foot mural depicting highlights from Belding's 109 year history. The mural took 5 months to complete and a dedication ceremony was held. It is now on permanent display in the first floor hallway of the school. My thanks and congratulations to all the artists who participated.


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• at my Chicago studio
• at Sue Martin’s Studio, Waupaca, Wisconsin
• at the Peninsula Art School, Chez Cheryl
• at The Clearing, Door County, Wisconsin

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Creativity workshop for college seniors who are education majors

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Working with students on mural projects is something I love to do.


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Elementary Work

Artwork from creation to completion.


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Picture 2: Everyone At the School Did Self Portraits.
Picture 3: Teacher and Students Busy Making Portraits.

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Student work at the elementary level

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The work of an entire class on display